How to Look Like a Celebrity Without Spending too Much

You want to look glam, chic, and sophisticated. Unlike most celebrity stars however, you may not be able to afford a stylist or a make-up artist who can attend to your beauty and fashion needs 24/7. Fortunately, there are ways on how you can look like your favorite Hollywood star without breaking the bank. Here are some beauty tips on how to achieve that glam look the Hollywood style:

Moisturize your Skin

The key to a younger and plump-looking complexion is a well-nourished skin. You don’t have to purchase a $500-face cream in order to get that perfect skin. One way to go about this the inexpensive way is to choose a moisturizer that can make your skin glow with life. There are many beauty stores that sell inexpensive yet effective moisturizers that can nourish your skin back to life. To start off, check out beauty counters at department stores.

Conceal Those Flaws

Want to achieve that flawless look that many celebrities are always sporting? Then dab a bit of concealer under your tear duct and your eyes to cover up any redness or puffiness. The key in applying a concealer is to blend it well. Depending on your skin type, you can choose from a variety of concealer types — liquid, powder, and stick.

Glam up the Locks

Do you ever wonder why your favorite Hollywood star doesn’t seem to have a bad hair day? To make your locks look shiny and fresh, you just need to use some haircare tools. Using hair putty is a good idea when trying to achieve that not-so-messy sexy hairdo. Plus, this hair product is available at many beauty shops without the expensive tag.

Highlight Those Collarbones

Many female celebrities love wearing tube tops and designer dresses that allow them to flaunt their lovely collar bones. You can also do this by putting on some shimmery lotion over those sexy collarbones. Just make sure to not overdo it and if you want to highlight a part of your body, try to concentrate on one part only. Too much shimmer and glitter isn’t a good way of catching everybody else’s attention.

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