Surprisingly Healthy Treats

Your mom might have told this to you a million times — an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what if you’re craving for something else? Like a bar of chocolate or a sip of red wine? Fortunately, these delicious treats have been found to be nutritious after all. Here’s a list of some surprisingly healthy treats:


Chocolate is known for its notorious reputation as a diet destroyer. However, several health and nutrition experts have claimed that eating chocolate has certain benefits. Dark chocolate, especially those made of at least 75% cacao, can actually benefit your health. Cocoa, the main ingredient of chocolate, contains small levels of caffeine and theobromine. These nutrients are actually stimulants that can help improve your concentration and reduce stress.

Cocoa mass actually contains about 15% of non-soluble and soluble dietary fiber. Eating the right kind of chocolate in moderate amounts may therefore help you keep a healthy digestive system. Plus, chocolates are also rich in anti-oxidants — substances that slow down cell deterioration and aging.


Another surprisingly healthy treat is a regular cup of coffee. According to Harvard researchers, a regular cup of java may actually lessen your risks of developing diabetes. Although more research is needed, this finding is supported by other studies. Several studies indicate that the risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease, gallstones, cirrhosis, and colon cancer may actually be lessened through regular cups of coffee.


According to the findings of Northwestern University researchers, red wine actually contains resveratrol, a substance that is beneficial to health. As a very effective anti-oxidant, resveratrol may actually reduce your risks of developing cardiovascular disease. Because resveratrol and estrogen share similar properties, red wine can help increase levels of good cholesterol known as HDL or high-density lipoprotein.

But before you stack up on chocolate bars, red wine, and coffee, remember that moderation is the key to any healthy diet. When treating yourself with these delicious concoctions, don’t feel guilty. As a matter of fact, continue your habit of drinking your morning cup of coffee because you may actually be helping yourself by doing so.

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