Going Under the Knife for Beauty

Plastic surgery is now a global issue that affects women of different ethnic groups. Whether a person is Caucasian, African, Hispanic, or Asian, plastic surgery became a bridge between ideal concepts about beauty and those who think they need a little bit of nipping and tucking. Going under the knife is no longer considered a taboo. As a matter of fact, investigative reports on beauty trends indicate that more and more are going for plastic surgery in order to achieve that ideal look. Living in a world obsessed with perfect skin, body type, and facial features, cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, and rhinoplasty are becoming quite common.

Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgeries

The decision is always up to you should you decide to undergo the knife for beauty’s sake or not. However, before you make such a crucial decision, it’s best to know first the pros and cons of each procedure. The best way to do this is to consult a certified and highly experienced cosmetic surgeon.


Plastic surgery does offer several benefits. According to a postoperative survey posted on Mayoclinic.com, those who are happy with the results of a plastic surgery procedure experience greater self-confidence, increased satisfaction in leisure activities, and an improvement in social life.


Medical risks that can be associated with plastic surgery include hypothermia, skin breakdown, numbness, excessive bleeding, and infection. To lessen your chances of experiencing these possible risks, opt for a qualified surgeon with proven credentials. Remember, a highly qualified surgeon should give you an assessment first to determine whether plastic surgery is right for you or not.

Highly influential elements such as TV shows, magazines, and movies stress the importance of beauty in today’s world. You do have the choice to make yourself look and feel better through plastic surgery but never be forced to go under the knife just to fit in. It’s better to accept who you really are, flaws and all, than to try to drastically change your physical appearance in order to be accepted. You may not have that oh-so-perfect nose but remember, you are unique in your own way.

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